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PUBG MOBILE By Tencent Mobile v0.11.5 [No Recoil]+[X-Ray]+[Cheat Engine]+[Anti Ban] [New Hack] [V5]

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11 minutes ago, omar1alqasem said:

Try the direct install link, It works perfect.

The thing is that, there no download link for both versions (non recoil & no slider) for the direct link.

only working links are the ones for IPA!

10 minutes ago, Junzz said:

i think i will try to direct download to iphone.

ok mine didn't stop at "VerifyingApplication", however, it crashed to an error. 

same thing happened to you ?

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27 minutes ago, Linhnguyen12 said:

You can use hidden grass with DLG. The most frightening number: 0.35

Thanks for the Feedback.


27 minutes ago, Juside said:

more safer than no slider and dont use dlg ( most of code get a ban )

Awesome.. i always use no recoil only if there is not "slider" option has been over.


27 minutes ago, omar1alqasem said:

Do you really think because of "normal player" hacks are getting detected? if yes, I think you are one of the brainless in 2019! 


Have ever thought about tencent getting a SVIP membership in iOsGG and find out what the newest version of hack can do?!


What ever reason the hack getting detected after 1-2 days it's released, i think using hack properly (not shooting every where) just "might" keep the hack undetected longer (even for an hour).

but then nothing is safe for ever as long as the hack is publicly released.


21 minutes ago, omar1alqasem said:

Just a remainder, maybe one of us is from tencent! 


Good luck 

Yeah who knows.. but from business perspective they also paid to subscribe as VIP or SVIP lol... it's good for business.

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Guys which is better direct install or install using cydia impactor?

من الافضل شباب التنزيل المباشر او عن طريق سيديا امباكتور؟ 

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