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Last Day On Earth: Zombie Survival v1.17.1 [Mega Hack +50++] [Direct Install!]

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2 hours ago, Bobert7 said:

Bow one hit kill no longer works

Every update can’t be perfect 

3 hours ago, Mrhitordie said:

I have clicked the direct link but nothing will load.  Hoping it will work soon.  Any tips on how i can get it to load

Uninstall game use direct install when says waiting tap will say loading and just let it load

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5 hours ago, Devinde7 said:

How do I get this to work 

Login to the auth using your details and all hacks will be enabled 

5 hours ago, AezIy said:

Some hacks are not working, infinite durability, and all blueprints are not working I am still testing, also the tire ads need to be gone quick, fast , and in a hurry

Can’t be perfect , ad’s based of duration of being on this website 

5 hours ago, Mrhitordie said:

still trying to find the link to IPA file

Page one black box click it 

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