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  1. Hay Day [IPA]

    no hope yet haha
  2. not working at all now, have to wait for them to fix the license issue . is killing me
  3. Direct install unable to install only or the IPA file also?
  4. I really need help why i download the IPA file install via PPhelper does not work? i need this T.T
  5. Thanks ~if LDOE activate is it this also will activate automatically?
  6. Every 1 have the same issues so just wait for it to fixed!~so dont connect your game progress ~
  7. i am stuck in the game loading progress..gg.com~i try suicide and i cant back to my base~ the only things i can go to other map
  8. Why the coin I spend it go decrease instead of should increase ?please help
  9. Honestly i need a activa for gaming purpose~i got like FB too~much appreciate on your action