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  1. Thats true. I feel sorry for the new comers, most of them paid for nothing. I will never renew my subscription again, not because of the bad hack but for the lack of decent communication between developer and forum members.
  2. تقدر تدخل بحسابك الرسمي بس يبدا معك من الصفر ويبقى مثل ماهو عالعالمية يعني يصير عندك نفس الحساب عالكورية والعالمية بس الفرق بالكورية يبدا من الصفر
  3. Please download the Pubg Mobile client App again from AppStore or Google Play . You will not be able to log in again and may be penalized if u use a cracked version . @Cz1993 Banned for 2 hours
  4. Banded 2 time for 10 minutes without playing just i was watching onther players