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  1. I tried installing using direct install like 10 times. It shows empty file after installing done. Please help me @Cz1993 all it shows at is empty ash colour file with PUBG icon on it.
  2. Good one @Primo I'm tierd of primo behaviour. He is warning everyone of their behaviour. What abt u guys who dont give us update about pubg hack when u will release at what time ?? Its been 3 weeks and still he wants us to keep calm n patience. We paid $250+ Nor @Cz1993 or @Primo is giving update. They know all the pubg versions are detected but still talk that pubg is safe for few members hello guys, you people are running iosgg not for just few people but for many coz all paid for their subscriptions. Even if u ban people here, no1 going to keep quiet. We raise open paypal case, paid but no service. Give us hack in one more week. You guys took enough time now with no updates or news. Your silence is not gonna help anymore.
  3. Do not trust these guys. They are the scams. If you observe the comments on that video about people who made about succesfull hack and enjoying hack. Those are the newly created youtube id’s. Its all fake. Do not trust youtubers. Dont most cheat us in the name of pubg