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  1. Complaint 2 to develop the game PUBG Hack

    @Cz1993 we do not need any fancy slider. All we need is a safe & straightforward hack e.g. no recoil + X-ray (IPA version) That's all
  2. @Cz1993would you be able to do a simple no recoil-xray version like the previous ones for those phones which are unable to support the slider? Thanks
  3. For those whose slider doesnt work, just search FLOAT = 0.000005 and change the 3rd value to 1. It will remove the grass and trees nearby. For my slider (iphone 6S+), it removes everything including walls & buildings wtf LOL
  4. Hi guys, anyone still using the old IPA hack for the new version? Still working or?
  5. Good job consolidating the hackers. The tencent spies here will observe every single one of em in the clan & ban the shyt out of all of you
  6. @Cz1993 hi boss, could you please update this? Thanks
  7. Delete your current version. Connect your phone to your PC & download Cydia Impactor Launch the impactor and your phone should show up on the main menu Drag & drop the IPA file directly to the main menu and press start They will ask you for your Apple ID & password. The password you have to get from appleid.apple.com. Log in the website & click on "generate password" on 1 of the option in the main menu The password should be something like xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx Copy and paste the password to the cydia impactor and you are good to go
  8. i find that the IPA version works better in the sense where i could input all the codes i want without getting banned. Used instant scope, ignore armor, magic bullets but no ban Feels great
  9. would you be able to let us know the difference between VVIP hack and VIP hack? this would allow us to consider switching over to VVIP if it makes more sense
  10. Pubg - All magic bullet codes