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  1. @Cz1993hi bro do you how to fix it when the app auto crash at around the 8-9 mins mark? There was no ban at all but this happens everytime. Thanks
  2. Complaint 2 to develop the game PUBG Hack

    @Cz1993 we do not need any fancy slider. All we need is a safe & straightforward hack e.g. no recoil + X-ray (IPA version) That's all
  3. @Cz1993would you be able to do a simple no recoil-xray version like the previous ones for those phones which are unable to support the slider? Thanks
  4. For those whose slider doesnt work, just search FLOAT = 0.000005 and change the 3rd value to 1. It will remove the grass and trees nearby. For my slider (iphone 6S+), it removes everything including walls & buildings wtf LOL