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  1. i’d like to try it. but currently revoked so..
  2. is this super install with no revoked you mentioned about?
  3. Dawn of Titans hack please

    @Junzz aren’t u from Advertisement?
  4. if that powerful feature is one of aimbot , don’t mention it haha.. unless with full x-ray
  5. @Cz1993 can u give us a little tease about the features for jb? or is it just these features?
  6. it’s not useless if you can slide all the way down to hide buildings and stuff u know ;) can’t hide buildings at all?
  7. since you’ve already kept us waiting, say it when it’s ready lol
  8. @Cz1993 I look up to you brother. FULL X-RAY ;-) .. release to people who don’t complain(like me) .
  9. @Cz1993 are we ever getting jb hack back ?
  10. @iProdb still work and safe?
  11. that’s why u should get rid of iosgg button if it’s possible because someone out there going to use it and complain about it after getting banned
  12. has anyone done testing this version? how safe is it ? still got banned ?
  13. Solve 10 min Ban for Pubg

    does this work on all device ?