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  1. From my personal experiences, those who got banned 10min were most likely using codes, especially magic bullet. Codes are very useful, BUT it’s high risk for NOW!! You know the risk and still using codes, if account got banned, then you shouldn’t complain. Dont pretend you weren’t using codes please, and complaining after the ban. This is the best non jailbreak hack I know so far. If you are playing with it, play normal and humble, don’t complain after the ban. If the hack got detected, then wait for the deb to fix it, don’t complain please, because we weren’t supposed to use hack at the first place. Just chill and have fun! IF YOU CAN‘T HAVE FUN WITH HACKS, YOU STILL GOT A LIFE.
  2. I think the anti-cheat system is triggered by reports from players now.... Dont use any codes for god sake, don’t be so greedy. And Play as normal player.
  3. Pubg - Remove Foot Steps

  4. İmportant Topic! Pubg Mobile 0.11.5

  5. Everytime before you play, check the forum if any bans are coming~
  6. Jesus Christ, you still don't get it right? we were not supposed to use hack, but we are using it, so we must know the risk. The developers make the hack and the game company will always find a way to fix it, it's a loop, it will always be. Because WE WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO USE HACKS!. So if the hack is available, you should be grateful. If the hack got fixed, then you should be patient and wait! There is no absolute best hack. Just play sometimes without hack to increase skills, you get better in game you'll be happy. If you can't play without hack just quit the game , because we play game in order to have fun, not to get anger.

    thanksss thanksss
  8. Thoughts about X-ray I got 10mins ban many times with X-ray no-recoil and magic bullet code. Even using your bypass ban method and other methods posted by other member I still got banned during the fight and end of the fight. I played very careful like a normal player. Even when I am not using code, sometimes it shows „reconnecting“ . Seems like the connection is unstable. So I switched to no-recoil version only and using magic bullet codes. Played few rounds and showed no „reconnecting „. Then I decided to use main account and played from platinums III to Dimond I. Sometimes carefully sometimes aggressively. I even took out a whole squad in last circle. Long range killing. Kills over 20. Didn’t get any banned! So my conclusion is that the coding of X-ray maybe caused some unstable connection and when player isn’t playing normally but aggressively. That’s when the anti-cheat system get triggered. And BOOM! BAN! It’s just my thoughts, I tested it for a long time. Maybe I am wrong, but still a good point. Please considering it! Thank you! @Cz1993