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  1. I got banned in 2 of my main account 10years .i was using v3 and the problem was the crush and but it was fine with me until I got banned . Anyway I’m not going to renew it seems to be useless . I was collecting crush report for cz but it didn’t happen. I will use my other iPad with jailbreak to play . by the way I’m not angry or sad it’s hack rules if you play with it expect the banned anytime.
  2. It has banned 10 mintues and 1 day but it work perfectly with my bypass for anticheat. Hmm I will try more
  3. Your just acting lucky and pretending that the issue from play style dont make people laugh at you . When you will get banned you will come back here angry and asking for refund so shhh
  4. @Cz1993 Let me share somthing with you I do respect you and your such a great programmer , I know your smart intelligent person . But you have problem your focusing your self in many unnecessary thing like making svip good and different from vip and also your making your self busy with security of your db and app etc.. From my opinion and many other members who's using your hack (many people leaving and you will notice that later ), better to try to find soultion and focus in developing somthing more worthy than wasting it with temporary solutions and trying your best to make svip better . Antibanned system must be equal to everyone but make different in the options and features for svip. Thanks
  5. 6 accounts each different time banned last one it was for 10 years . This cz soultion @Cz1993 I was using my own antibanned solution and yesterday was working fine until you disable the codes .. and when I tryed it today I keep getting connections not stable..
  6. Give me your PayPal account I will refund for you . Stop crying guys it's a war between all hacks developers and pubg anticheat team so relax and you supposed to support cz not cry in his head take it or leave it that's the reality .
  7. For Arab guys (none Arab can join too )who dont know how to install ipa file please join our group in what'sapp we will help you same how we did to many people.. text me to get direct link of the group. الشباب العرب اللي مشتركين وما يعرفون ينزلون ال الفايل من الكمبيوتر تواصل معاي وبدخلكم جروب واتساب بتتعلمون كل شي وبنساعدكم كلموني خاص Cheers cz
  8. Many times I tryed with iPa but it's always fail I tryed all solutions but still when it finish simply it disappears