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  1. Is there any IPA installation? Hope you respond and tell us when is it gunna be ready because I am tired of getting band with direct install. thanks man
  2. Thanks for responding but I am going to mention one good thing which keep ppl away from getting banned. I have use your hack for almost 6 months and since the first day I used it wasn’t safe till you release the IPA otherwise it is not safe. So you are the developer and you’re the hacker, so I suggest you always release the IPA and don’t release the direct installation thanks for your work
  3. Can we play with old one? And use the activation code that you just posted it ? Or should we wait till you reales the new version? Please respond
  4. It is open now and ppl playing but problem is the code is not working idk why
  5. You did update the activation code then u stopped it why ? Can you explaim how we should play ? And the problem you disappear for so long that will get ppl anger at u
  6. Activation code " out of stock " cannot purches it. What is the problem ?
  7. I just suggest you to work with TutuApp they released their certificate and they are on a good standing now. Just go and ask them you have a website you are a “ developer “ that could also help them with other thing just do an exchange to make it easy for you and for us.
  8. Do u pay money to unbanned your account in pubg ? If yes, can you tell us?
  9. If it is not a big problem why you taking so long? and as long as you keep doing the same thing you doing, like after 2-3 hours will be ready and then you just disappeared for half of the day that will make ppl mad and it is not fair doing that to us. Second thing yiu you need to be clear it is okay if you say I won’t be able to effort it to you guys in week or two weeks. It is okay if you say that ppl will be patient. Make sure you just tell the truth.
  10. عطانا حركته المعتاده OMG وأنحاش الهروب الكبير 😹😹
  11. يطقطق علينا ذا ، م فيه هاك ثاني ب جلبريك بس ؟ اللي يعرف هاك ب جلبريك يعطينا خبر لاهنتم