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  1. Direct install is not working right now for me. It start the download then it say download failed. I will try again in few hours. Hopefully I can get this up and running again! Thanks for all your work! @Cz1993
  2. Tried using global version coupon code today to activate and it said “this coupon has expired” ?
  3. I’m a spy?! Rofl ? I don’t see why you say that, but no. I love pubg, this community and I have even contributed a few findings in the past. So ?? Why you say that? I been using these codes now for a while now no problem.
  4. Just an FYI, I’m using iPhone 7 iOS 11. Don’t see what’s wrong with that
  5. **EDIT: I fixed this with cydia tweak watchdog lite on iPhone 7 iOS 11.2.6** So with this new hack, you can’t use igameguardian codes. Because pubg won’t stay open in background. So now our only choice is the iosgg/dlg cheat engine. I SHARE THESE IGG CODES IN MY POSTS! does anyone have these in dlg? SPEED HACK CHAMS SUPER JUMP CLIMB THROUGH WALLS if you have any of these for dlg I would greatly appreciate it!

    Of course they’re detected. All igg and dlg is detected. I use anti ban to avoid this.
  7. Both of the direct installs crash right after trying to verify iOsGG.com yellow screen.
  8. Thank you! And Yes! It’s not account specific. I need to clarify that more. And you’re correct! I just found out from another website that for pubg you can simply login into a different Facebook account no problem. or reinstall Facebook and then login through pubg. No need to follow these steps. This is mainly to unblock the guest user so you can play as guest. Thank you for the feedback!
  9. This will only work to unban device. After unban. You can create new guest user, or login with new Facebook account. Old accounts that were banned are no good, no way to unban rite now. I just made a post sharing in more detail. Check it out
  10. Hey there iOSGG Family! I decided it’s time to share my personally compiled list of mostly igg codes and some dlg. These have all been tested and proven to work on the new 0.11.0 update. No kidding guys, this list represents days of research, testing, and also tampering, as some of these codes were modified a bit from their original point to perfect their performance. I know there are more, but this list are my everyday users. I will add the others when I get the chance! The most exotic codes you can’t normally find all together! Included all here! luffy arms, black or white characters, no gravity jump, jump into buildings, black or white sky, aimbot, no recoil, 2 kind of magic bullet, antenna, run+cars speed, gods view and flying cars! I should have about 5 to 8 additional codes that didn’t make my list but will include soon! Driving under water, ignore enemy armor, level 3 helmet and body armor. Hide grass trees rocks, drive through trees and rocks, AoE hacks and a few aim assist and aimbot codes soon to come! allot of these codes were found mistyped missing characters, or with little to no instruction or information. Please appreciate what I’m giving you here! This list has all the major codes you will need or ever desire, for the most part! YOU'RE WELCOME & ENJOY! _________________________________________ PUGB MOBILE 0.11.0 iOS iGG & A FEW DLG Codes Note: Most codes are good for duration of all matches, some codes are only good for single match. Those are stated. Note: Red X= Guarantee “data change” at END of match Aka BAN! Green is Safe. Note: Most of these use 0x20 Range unless stated otherwise. ✅GODS POV(in match/single) DLG *PreciseSearch* Double Search= 1099511900928 Change 2nd result to -5.029132178451386e+26 ✅MAGiC BULLET (everywhere) DLG *Phrase’s M1-2* uLong =4740038608910024704 Change 1st result to 5311743973423316992 ✅LUFFY ARMS (in match) DLG *Phrase’s L1-2* ulong search=4542111535061997269 Change first 2 values 4862198748841940608 ✅ZERO GRAViTY (everywhere) *Phrase’s Z1-2* Search F32= 443 Batch All F32=1600 ✅JUMP BUILDINGS (everywhere) *Phrase’s W1-5* *Nearby range: 0x50 Tolerance 0* Search F32= 1.5 Nearby F32= 45 Nearby F32= 10 Search F32= 10 Batch all F32= 10000 ✅ANTENNA (everywhere) *Phrase’s A1-3* *Nearby Range 0x20 Tolerance 0* Search F32= 88.50576019287 Nearby F32= 1 Change the 8th result to= 300 ✅HiGH SPEED (everywhere) car+run *Phrase’s S1-3* Search F32= 0.0005 Nearby F32= 0.0001 (or any number) Batch All F32= 1 ✅BLACK CHAMS (everywhere) *Phrase’s C1-3* *Nearby Range 0x20 Tolerance 0* Search F32= 0.05499718338 Nearby F32= 1 Batch All F32= -10 ✅WHITE CHAMS (everywhere) *Phrase’s C1-3* *Nearby Range 0x20 Tolerance 0* Search F32= 0.05499718338 Nearby F32= 1 Batch All F32= 500 ✅ULTRA AIMBOT (gun in hand) Search F32= 3.5 Nearby F32= 1 Nearby F32= 200 Nearby F32= 20 Nearby F32= 0.5 Batch All F32= 999 or 200? ✅FLYING CARS (in car) *Phrases U1-6 & UZ1-6* *Redo for each car.* Search F32= 0.76000005007 Nearby F32= 0.96078431606 Nearby F32= 1 Nearby F32= 0.74509805441 Search F32= 0.74509805441 Batch all F32= 99999 2nd Part Search F32= 45f Nearby F32= 15f Nearby F32= 20f Nearby F32= 2500f Search F32= 45 Batch all F32= 500 ✅BLACK SKY (in match/single) *Phrase’s B1-5* *Nearby Range 0x50 Tolerance 0* Search F32= 403200 Nearby F32= 1 Nearby F32= 100 Search F32= 100 Batch All F32= -90 ❌MAGIC BULLET v2 (everywhere) *not safe, ban at end of match.* *Phrase’s M1-3* Search F32= 90.77570343018 Nearby F32= 8.0 Batch All F32= 100 ✅SPEEDY BULLET (everywhere) Only use with Magic Bullet to register hits. Search F32= 0.08 Batch All F32= 0.0 ✅NO RECOIL! (in match/single) *Phrase’s R1-6* Note: You must pick up the gun’s before searching values. Each gun remains unaffected unless dropped or exchanged. Reapply if needed. ❗️GET GUNS FIRST❗️ Range 0X100 Search i32: 176293393 Nearby F32= 8 Nearby F32= 9.5 Nearby F32= 15 Search i32=176293393 Batch All= 176293392 ⚠️Below need further testing⚠️ Crossed out letters= Not working
  11. PUBG UNBANNED! 2019

    Get AppsManager and Filza from these repositories: http://cydia.kiiimo.org/ http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia/ I’m only sharing my experience, and the steps I took to achieve unbanning my device from pubg. I can’t guarantee this will work for you, as I have had others claim it has not for them. Nonetheless I believe in this method as it works every time in my experience. I have jailbroken iPhone 7 32gb iOS 11.2.6. I’ve literally unbanned pubg dozens of times in a single day. I hope this works for you too! Just make sure you delete BOTH folders that I stated below! Hack Requirements: – Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. – iFile / Filza / iFunBox / iTools or any other file managers for iOS. – AppsManager – This hack only works on iDevices: iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, iPod Touch 6G, iPad Air, Air 2, Pro & iPad Mini 2, 3, 4 and later. Features: - UNBAN FACEBOOK USER - UNBAN GUEST USER - UNBAN TWITTER USE How to unban: 1)make sure you have banned pub installed in iphone. 2)download appsmanager and Filza from cydia. 3)Open appsmanager, look for pubg mobile. Click on it. 4)Click wipe cache. 5) go to and delete pubg folder. /var/containers/Bundle/Application/PUBG MOBILE 6)go to and delete pubg folder /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/PUBG MOBILE 7)wipe pubg cache again and reboot device for good measure. 8)Reinstall PUBG! You should now be able to access and log into both user accounts! Credits: -TO MYSELF, Took me forever to figure out.
  12. Hey there, this is what I do and it works for me every time to unban my guest or Facebook user in pubg. im jail broken on iPhone 7 32gb iOS 11.2.6 (I’m happy with current iOS) 1)make sure you have banned pub installed in iphone. 2)download appsmanager (orange icon) and Filza from cydia. 3)Open appsmanager, look for pubg mobile. Click on it. 4)Click wipe cache. ***Then above that button there’s 2 sections, 1 called “Bundle” the second called “Data”. 5)Click on bundle. it will open the folder location in filza, delete pubg mobile folder inside filza, do the same with “Data” folder. 6)once deleted those two folders, go to springboard look for pubg mobile app, and uninstall. 7)reboot device for good measure. 8)now you should be able to reinstall pubg and use either guest Facebook or twitter. I’ve unbanned myself literally dozens of times a single day, I just use dummy accounts when using high risk hack. If I don’t use the high risk hack my account stay active at all times, until I go full blown cheater again.This works for me. And I don’t doubt it at all.Hopefully it can work for you too. Just absolutely make sure you’re deleteing both data and bundle folder. Thanks!
  13. Pubg Mobile Reduce the risk of banning!

    Thanks Thanks