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  1. @Cz1993canbyou upload direct for thiss game too thanks
  2. @Cz1993 If you can't sell your hack for direct install, don't sell, it will only hurt us here, we don't have a PC here, and many people also operate here who don't have a PC, if it can't post direct install, please provide information here, we feel disadvantaged. thanks before
  3. @Cz1993 we need direct here, cant install impactor, and other ong 15 day not playing hack game lol please help us
  4. @Cz1993 what about us who don't have a pc / notebook We can't install IPA files on our iPhone, even I can't try it at the internet cafe. please give us direct download please
  5. @Cz1993 when you post direct install bro? Can you tell me, many people not have pc here
  6. @Cz1993can you fast upload direct install i have not pc or notebook, and i was 7 day not playing pubg please cz help us
  7. @Cz1993anti revoke work for me, please upload pubg game thankz
  8. @Cz1993i cant download direct install please help i was 7 day not play waiting for this but i cant download