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  1. Hmmm thats weird it works fine with me , i gusse u need to make the players looks white
  2. It works dear ,enable it in the looby try 3 times it will tell you that u lost conection to the server but keep trying the third time it will work
  3. Are u sure you are folowing the first method with 2 ios device ? And when do u get the ban? Starting of the game? Or after many games?
  4. Its the same way dear the only thing that this time you get only the login page just keep it open on the other device
  5. Just to give my opinion every thing working fine with me the antina ,the magic bulet take time to work u have to activie it many time i didnt get any 10 mint band so far am using method 1 2 ios device reached crown 1 so far
  6. PUBG MOBILE 0.17.0 DLG CODES 20+

    Thank you
  7. طيب انا قاعد العب بأداه ثانيه فيها سلايدر ما جاني عليها باند صارلي ٦ شهور للحين لكن ما فيها تثبيت سلاح ولا ايم بوت ماكو حل ثاني يعني؟
  8. متى تحلون سالفه الباندات في الببجي؟
  9. قايلكم من ايام حطو جلبريك في جهازكم ونزلو سورس الجوكر قاعد العب واموره طيبه ماكو باند حرام صراحه فلوس تضيع عالموقع هاذا
  10. Its not fake i just jillbroke my ipad ,i will not post fake news