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  1. Hhhhh I dont have any account now 😂 for Your hack all my accounts get a Bannded , Cant trust You again @Cz1993
  2. Ops one game Bannded fast 2 days don’t Join with You RAY account Guys and thanks my 2 original account be out and get 10 Bannded thanks @Cz1993
  3. قسما بله راحتلي حسابات اقل حساب مشحون فيه 500$ ملينا هوى صار ما يشتغل ولا يحترم أعضاء جروبه لذالك انا راح وقف الاشتراك معاه ومعد بدي حتى العب هاك كرهني بالهكر
  4. Banned again You really thaink that is a hack we left You 2 weeks for work and to make strong safe hack but every month like that we don’t play after 2 game get 2 hours bannded really I’m sad about You @Cz1993
  5. @Cz1993 Hello bro we can’t play so like Before please make IPA safe or do Somthing I can’t play with that safe please 🌹
  6. PUBG MOBILE 0.13 V2

    Make new safe hack we got bannded every time and in the lobby 🌹
  7. Ops Everyseason like that we buy for month , and we play only 3 days Maximo hhhhhh please if You Don’t make a Dricet install Don’t make new safe . We Don’t have computer and labtop , what we will do . @Cz1993