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  1. Direct download is not safe

    ipa is better @Cz1993
  2. ban ban ban even when i restart after the game i’ve got 2 months ban سويت حساب جديد وقال نسوي رستارت بعد كل قيم وسويت حساب جديد ولعبت قيم واحد وبعدها سويت رستارت ورجعت للعبه لقيت باند شهرين افشل نسخه سواها we need ipa version @Cz1993
  3. 2 months ban new account i just register and in lobby i’ve got the ban without playing any game it’s new account hehe the hack is detected so guys don’t use it it’s not safe anymore thnx @Cz1993
  4. سويت حساب جديد ما امداني افتحه الا وباند شهرين
  5. i interd 3 new accounts all ban without playing just in lobby 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  6. ban in lobby new facebook account baaaaannnn 2 months i didn’t even play
  7. conn.not stable.Restart the game 100000 time i restarted the game still i get this message even i can’t login