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  1. Don’t use this for now its detected and you will get ban for 2 months even if you log in with your account
  2. you should use last circloe ban bypass method. Why you don't do your own research before you complain about perfectly working hack?
  3. I’ve got data has changed message while I was in the game. @Cz1993I used no recoil only version
  4. I managed to install the ipa from iFunbox. Download it from http://dl.i-funbox.com/ifunbox_v4106_setup.exe Connect your device go to the apps section and choose "install ipa" at the top of the app. Before that, install this from direct install and trust it in the settings - profiles
  5. I had the same error In impactor choose Xcode -> revoke certificate and then try installing again. If it doesn't worked, in impactor go to the Device -> Install Package -> Choose ipa file
  6. How I can install it as second pubg app? is it safe to have two pubg in one phone? one is clear second is cracked