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  1. Accounts using twitter are getting banned thats what i discovered. Using two acc with twitter 10 min ban. Using facebook and gamecenter no ban. Tried about 50 games with facebook/gamecenter after getting 10min ban in lobby and in game with twitter. All fine.
  2. Hello @Cz1993 I meanwhile found the problem. I used another computer to reinstall pubg ipa. That includes that i needed to use another apple id which i need to activate. I dont know why but sometimes my profil revokes and i need to reinstall the game. 1. Please provide me with another activation code. 2. How can i preserve the revoke? Kind regards.
  3. @Cz1993 need new activation Code because of installing with different apple id. injector didnt accept my previous one („allready requested error“) pm please
  4. Networkspeed 90mbits down 23mbits up so its not connection Also low ping
  5. 10min ban started allover again. Better stop playing guys!! Last time it was the same. Soon it will be 2 months. Ban in lobby in game and afterwards. Please check @[email protected]

    @Cz1993i reinstalled it again with itunes same apple id and impactor. Same issue. I tried everything so what can it be. Is it the code?

    How did you fixed.
  8. I did dude Also same apple id. I work for apple care i am pretty experienced with iOs devices. Did also all troubleshoots, softreboot different internet same problem.
  9. Hey @Cz1993 @Primo, activation wont work after expiring. purchased new code. Same issue. tried to reinstall and activate. Same issue. Can you fix that?
  10. Puh i guess i was lucky to face the 10 min ban first and stopped playing 😋 come on guys. To prevent that have several main accounts. If you use hacks there is always the risk that one acc get 2 month ban so i have 3 different "main" acc and dummy accs to check whether the hack is working or not
  11. I guess 10 min ban is now extended to more players. I got banned in game after game or at warm up. Stable internet 89mb/s down 7mb/s up. Would be nice if you could take a look @Cz1993 @Primo. Also main download link doesnt work.
  12. It seems that 30% of the people are writing on foreign language and expecting us to understand, 50% doesnt even realize that hack is detected and crying for activation code and 80% need a pacifier to suck on. You cant get your damn money back because you dont even realize the conditions and terms. If you buy the sub you automaticaly agree to the terms of use. So if you get 10 years ban, your device starts to lit up, you loose one of your balls or what ever else you cant get your money back and you dont have the rights to get it back. If its to risky for you then go and play pacman or tetris. But damn, stop interrupt the dev and disturb the mods. Thats demotivating and annoying. And leads to even a later release. If anyone still wants to cry here is a link https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07FP1P97P/ref=mh_s9_acsd_zwish_b2RQDil_c_x_1_w?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=mobile-hybrid-11&pf_rd_r=83PJ7Y5Z5PG59HATAQ9W&pf_rd_t=1201&pf_rd_p=56778373-ca31-5029-9154-810eee4b7662&pf_rd_i=2237476011 Choose the colour you prefere, nuke on it and chill for more information. @Cz1993 @Primo i am sorry, but i couldnt hold it back anymore.