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  1. Yeah, but you never fix this one @Cz1993
  2. Do not release v.0.12 until no one comments on this thread for three days. I don’t mind if I need to wait for a week. 🤪
  3. @Cz1993I suggest you DO NOT upload v5, many people will get banned. Its better to wait till v0.12 release.
  4. Really? I am worried, since my main acc still logged in. Thanks for your info, bro!
  5. Gw terakhir main td subuh. Pas check forum ada banyak laporan kena ban. Ada jg yg bilang masih aman dgn akun yg tersambung fb atau twitter. Serem juga ini, akun utama msh log in di game. Takutnya pas buka auto ban.
  6. Agree with you. In my experience, ban wave comes after 25mb small update, original pubg new version, and the end of season. * wait for the new hack 🍻
  7. If I am @PrimoI would give you warning point right now! It is not iosgg, tencent detected the hack already.
  8. Alright, next time don’t say “its safe” if you are not sure or not playing for hours. People will misunderstand..
  9. Thanks for the heads up guys! Will not open my acc with v4 till new update...