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  1. @Cz1993please try another solution.its not safe everyone getting ban just some player using safe but they are playin guest account.proxy version is not safe.take your time bro
  2. You are playin with guest account and you say it’s safe.can you explain us please how can we play our fb or twitter account?
  3. @Cz1993pls delete this hack and upload good one we don’t want to play only for guest account
  4. Don’t try because you will get ban.you should disable to your proxy when link to your fb account so you will get ban
  5. When I try to link my fb account I’m geting ban at the lobby any solution?
  6. PUBG MOBILE 0.13 V2

    I doing like this.but still crashing game
  7. This hack is only for guest?i can’t link to my main account help me pls
  8. How can i link to my Facebook or twitter account?pls someone help me. @Cz1993