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  1. No anti band fix this problem I pay money for this c**** fixed this . . شباب ما عليه حمايه يجيك باند عشر سنوات انتبهو
  2. شباب انا نزلة موضوع في طلبات هكر كتبت عن موضوع ببجي عن الباند انه نبي حل تفاعلو فيه . . guys I put the subject in the hack request I talked about the band and we need solve this problem all I ask interaction
  3. Solve the problem for pubg gamer

    Why there no response
  4. We all play pubg and have the big problems is band we can’t play in the lobby we get band we didn’t get started get band 10 minute or get 10 years what the point get update the game and there no anti band please solve the problem that’s all I ask for me and for all pubg gamer . . Thank you iosgg for all your hard work . . @cz1993
  5. I have problem with pubg activation code

    Ok I solved the problem Thank you everyone
  6. [ PUBG ] Reduce 10 minuets Ban

    I try and see
  7. Don’t try this hack you will get band for 10 years . . عليه باند عشر سنوات بالبدايه تلعب مافيه شيء وصلت مستواى عشره ولعبة جاني باند عشر سنوات
  8. There is band for 10 minutes . . باند عشر دقايق مو امن انتبهو
  9. عليه باند انتبهو band 10 years