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  1. This version is no longer safe... Don't waste your account! I don't understand why an unsafe hacker should be released. We should lock in the theme!
  2. @Cz1993 I'm Asian. Anti-ban servers are extremely unstable in Asia. Because I can't link to anti-ban servers when I refresh pages. When you first start anti-ban pages, it shows that the opening status is considered successful, and then they start hackers in the game. In fact, the first success is an illusion, so it will be banned! I keep refreshing pages that always show no links. Maybe that's the real reason! 我是亚洲人..反禁令服务器的确在亚洲极其不稳定.因为我刷新页面的时候就无法链接反禁令服务器.当你第一次启动反禁令页面的时候.显示是开启状态让人以为已经成功了,然后他们在游戏里开启了黑客.其实第一次成功是假象,所以会被禁止!我不停的刷新页面总是显示无法链接.也许这才是真正原因所在!
  3. Unable to link anti-ban server. When I refresh the page, there will be no link! That may be why they were banned.
  4. There is no ban on landing with Wechat or QQ. Once landing with Facebook, it will be banned for 10 minutes.I don't know which step is wrong. But I didn't follow CZ's instructions when I logged in with Facebook. I logged on Facebook before I disabled the virtual network. Then I quickly retreated to the game. I logged on again according to CZ's instructions. As a result, it was banned. So I think the first logon game was banned. Accounts must use virtual networks!
  5. You have to have super-fast speed to make the slider appear. It's a technical job! Ha-ha