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  1. Can we get the ipa download? Direct install is a pain in the neck for me
  2. So is it safe to play with no recoil or what? I see cz1193 havent say nothing since yesterday he was looking in to the bans
  3. Too many banned reports, better be safe than sorry, i aint going to risk it, ill play legit!! Lol
  4. Should be right after this, no reason updating this if he not uploading v3
  5. Release it! Lol i still download the ipa with safari plus, diwnload faster than direct install 😳
  6. Im sure others will found out how to do it with impactor after you posted,
  7. All you need is safari plus tweak, and make sure you have appsync unifoed and when it downloads in safari open it with filza and install, easy as thay no need for impactor
  8. When i try putting a code in to remove grass, when i start the search the game crashes, any reason possible reason for this?
  9. Chico no leiste que el hack lo estaban detetando, por eso desativo el codigo, espera la mejora del hack, o metete para que te banen
  10. İmportant Topic! Pubg Mobile 0.11.5

    Testing 123
  11. @Cz1993can you pin down your comments when you fix the issue please, is hard going back to all this replies to see what is going on, thanks