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  1. Zombie Catchers Hack

    You Will Need>> Cydia (Jailbroken Device) LocaliAPStore xCon To Hide The Jailbreak Bypass Go To Settings Enable LocaliAPStore Then Go To Zombie Catchers Buy Whatever You Want Just Press Cancel Don’t Press Buy Hack Features.. - Unlimited Currencies
  2. First You Will Need>> - Cydia (Jailbroken Device) - The Source http://aquawu.github.io/igg/ Note: (Copy The Source And Paste It On Cydia and Press Add Anyway If You Agree) - Download iGameGuardian From The Source Above - Working Brain First Dont Close Pubg Mobile From Multitasking Mode... Open iGameGuardian Go To App Select The Game (Maybe You See it Below) With Name ShadowTrackerExt Tap On It Then Press Select Press Number Above Select F32 Tap On Value Type -88 Then Press Search Num Wait For Processing... Then You Will See A lot Of Different Numbers Then Tap On Nearby Tap On F32 Add Value 1 Press Search Nearby Wait For Processing... (if You Couldnt Find Nearby Switch The Key In The Corner) ( Switch The Key Back To Find Number ) Tap On Number Again Select F32 Type On Value 1 Then Find Number 16 Press On it Or Long Press on it Press Cancel Now You Will See Below a save icon Tap on it Then Back To Pubg Mobile Dont Close iGameGuardian And Enjoy!! Note: ( If This Not Working So They Has Removed It + You May Get Ban 15% Chance To Get Banned ) Note: ( Last Tested On The 0.5.0 Update And It is Working 100% ) >Hack Features< - Giant People/Enemies So You Can Spot Them And Kill Them Easily!! Credit: SugeKnight + xXX Reda x (Friend) I Am Working At A Direct Install File For 0.6.0 Update
  3. First You Will Need>> - Cydia (Jailbroken Device) - The Source http://repo.biteyourapple.net/ Note: (Copy The Source And Paste It ON Cydia And Prss Add Anyway If You Agree) - Download GameGem From Cydia First Remove Granny From MultiTasking Mode Open GameGem Select Speed Turn On Granny/Any Game Open Granny You Will See A Gear Icon In The Screen Corners Tap On it Select Speed And Granny Will Never Bust You Note: Some Times The Hack Make Whole The Game Fast So Granny Will Be Super Fast
  4. First You Will Need>> - Documents Or Any Zip Archive App - A Working Brain (Very Important) - Any Mods You Want Which You Can Get From Minecraft Pe Websites (There Is Tons Of Websites) - The Game Of Course First When You Downloaded The Mod And You See (Copy To Minecraft Pe) Just Press On It And You,re Done!!! But When You Only See (Copy To Documents or Any App) Press On It And Here Is The Very Important Part You Will See The File You Downloaded Press On it You Will Get A Zip File Now Open The Zip File Copy All Inside And Make Them A File (Any Type Of Files You See) Rename The File You Made By Mc.Addon - Mc.World - Mc.Pack (Very Very Very Important) When You Has Renamed The File Tap On Select Choose The Renamed File And Share/Copy To Minecraft Pe And You,re Done!! ---- Hack Features - What Ever You Has Downloaded - GodMode - One Punch Kill - Fly In Survival - Infinite Items
  5. First You Need This Tools.. - Cydia (Jailbroken Device) - The Source http://repo.biteyourapple.net/ Note: (Copy And Paste On Cydia And Press Add Anyway If You Agree) - Download GameGem From The Source Above - Close Minecraft Pocket Edition From Multitask Mode - Open GameGem Choose Speed Turn On Minecraft Pe - Open Minecraft Pe You Will See A Gear In The Corners Of Your Screen Tap On It Choose The Speed You Want --- Hack Features - You Can Make Any Crops Grow In Less Than 5 Seconds - Infinite Inventory Space (Maybe Just A Bug)
  6. Imagine How Fast You Hack Games This Game Is Still A New Game In The AStore
  7. Use this page to get the requested game info or the request its not valid. https://iOSGG.com/app You Need Jailbroken Device 1- Local In-AppStore 2- xCon 64 bit 3- Game Gem Note: Do Not Hack More Than 100K Gems/Coins Or Else You Will Be Banned Thanks Features: - Unlimited Currency - Unlimited Coins - Unlimited Gems Jailbreak or Non-Jailbreak: Thanks!