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  1. This hack used to be amazing! I’m not sure what’s changed but there used to be a nice unique aspect to these hacks such as the unlimited special that sites like ios gods didn’t have, now whenn I use this mod not only is the unlimited special gone but now there’s high attack and health just like iOS gods
  2. I love the unique aspects provided, I can’t find anything like this on any other forum so thank you for taking the time to create something amazing and for giving us these niche hacks for free!
  3. Pls update and fix the complete challenges hack whenever you can thank you for taking your time to help us have a better one
  4. There’s a new update guys it no longer works must wait for a mod update for new version
  5. amazing, works good! update next week :s does anyone know how to fix the poor screen when you first launch game?
  6. Great work with this app it is amazing! Some games like dokkan battle doesn’t download by the way
  7. anyone know what type of files are modified to do these hacks?
  8. thanks i thought that could be it but i only have electra installed through impactor atm so im not sure thanks anyway
  9. for some reason cydia impactor stops working when im installing this (windows 10) but it installs other ipa's fine, is anyone else having this problem or is it a me problem?
  10. after running it perfectly for a while it crashed and crashes every time i start it up is this only me?