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  1. I know because we consider ourselves a team! 😄 Also the developers are free to postulate and cooperate with us ! Not sure if you know but a dev or hacker can come and help whenever he wants! We just don’t have much candidates unfortunately !
  2. While the game is updated some players might not have problems with their hacks, it’s not 100% global. So we still provide code for them while we update for the others. ✌🏼
  3. Coin Master Hack Unlimited Spins

    If you’re willing to, of course! ☺️
  4. I know probably better than you, don’t worry about it. Anyway I’m an helper and so I’m here to answer questions. Cz is the only one who can make an actual change, it hasn’t been the case since the beginning and it won’t change as he ‘s alone to work on everything. So if you expect a better treatment of course you’re right, you should get it, but for now it’s all we propose. Either you’re angry or not won’t maie it evolve regardless unfortunately ! ✌🏼
  5. Coin Master Hack Unlimited Spins

    We will see, for now there’s a lot of things that needs to be updated. Maybe after it !
  6. Yes because when there’s an update it’s always the same thing, like 500 pms with only « when is the update » must be tiring. He still answer to Vip related matters! Okay thanks for the feedback!
  7. Cz doesn’t stand for Czechs 😂😉. And no don’t worry about that there’s things to fix and it’s getting done. 👌🏼 I’m not talking about you, obviously... 🙄
  8. Cz doesn’t answer on threads. I have direct contact with him which is not your case. And when I talk about ban it’s not because of the membership but because someone doesn’t follow the rules. Be aware of it and don’t talk about things you don’t know about. You may pay for a membership but it doesn’t mean you can go against the rules and have inappropriate language. Remember it.
  9. Coin Master Hack Unlimited Spins

    It’s a request, the hack never been made. ✌🏼
  10. Be careful of your words if you don’t want to get banned. Now what you mean when you say that your account is blocked?
  11. Sorry, it happens all the time don’t worry ! We never give date because it’s always delayed so in the end giving a time is useless. We give infos when we can, and also when we are sure of it. Sorry for the inconvenience again ! ✌🏼
  12. Don’t worry man you can speak freely, as you are being respectful it’s cool! Also we already know everything of that too, we’re very well aware of it, the mood here is pretty much if you like it it’s cool, if not well sorry we do our best. Losing customers or things like that isn’t a problem otherwise we would’ve closed the site a long time ago. Thanks for your concerns tho ! 🙏🏼
  13. Verify my account

    Of course, send a private message to Cz he will help you! 👌🏼😌
  14. Nope 😌 I thought that too at first ! Still it’s his privacy so 🤷🏽‍♂️😌
  15. Cz is the only one who can help you but don’t worry, he always answer the pms it just take a bit of time. 👌🏼
  16. He will help you don’t worry, he just got a lot of Pm but he always answer! 👌🏼
  17. There’s no date ! Sorry! Thanks for the feedback! If that’s the case we’ll try to fix it asap! 👌🏼✌🏼
  18. Ahah unfortunately only one person rules it so it’s not really fast. Sorry for the inconvenience !
  19. He’s not Czech 😉! Unfortunately there’s only him who can help you with the code! ✌🏼