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  1. Sorry man I didn’t get any news for a moment now! I’ll only be able to say that it’s coming and you’ll have to wait. Sorry!
  2. He has a lot of pm, he always answer for these matters. It may take time though! 👌🏼
  3. You need to use cydia impactor. 👌🏼 Ahah yeah well, not really like that but at least you’re not mad so 🤷🏽‍♂️
  4. At the moment it just doesn’t work, it’s not just you. It’s getting worked on for a fix though ! ☺️
  5. It might happen yeah. I don’t have infos yet sorry! It doesn’t work on that version for now. Sorry!
  6. When Cz post it normally. He posted it 2 days ago I think.
  7. Yeah, it doesn’t work for now. Need a fix before we open the stock. 👌🏼
  8. The super install key doesn’t work but you’ll benefit it for life as you paid for it. So once it’s repaired it’s alright. No need to warn for that. Also yes it does, and next you weren’t like « please resolve it » you were like « I’m paying so you should find a solution or compensate ». There’s a big difference. I answered to you accordingly. Also when I say « you can’t buy it » it’s a general term I’m not talking about you specifically. 🤦🏽‍♂️
  9. There’s no mind game whatsoever, don’t talk about things you don’t understand when you’ve been around since april. The answer I gave had nothing to do with what you’re saying now. The super install also is something unstable but it’s a product that you pay only once. At the moment you can’t buy one because it doesn’t work. So why would we warn people when the key isn’t buyable.... Anyway the problems for the game, should be fixed and you’re right on that. No one ever said something else about that. What I answered to you was about the subject of the comment which is on compensation and « output » of the game, which is not related to your new comment. Don’t come here telling me what to do when your comment is on a totally different point than what you said before.
  10. For people asking for compensation about memberships. 


  11. Look, there’s a post in forum announcements explaining why it’s risky to buy Vip membership just for one game. We also warned multiple time not to buy it if you’re afraid of bans because it’s never 100% viable. He’s working to give you a product which is « unstable » it’s written on the « box ». And Still you buy it and be like « it doesn’t work it’s not normal » Like we didn’t say it was 😂. Seriously 😂

    The url has to be on the request, also not at the moment sorry. We don’t hack every requested games unfortunately !
  13. Well, I think the answer is your question fam. ☺️ Lol, no he’s not like that. He’s working don’t worry. 😂
  14. Seems like you use google traduction. « It’s getting worked on » doesn’t mean it works. It means we’re repairing it.... It will be updated soon don’t worry! 👌🏼 It takes time for his answer but he will answer don’t worry ! 👌🏼
  15. No sometimes we block it, when it’s a 100% unsafe. Some people are still able to play without problems so we don’t close it that’s probably it.