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  1. Why the game kick me of to mein page is not allow me to attractive any thing
  2. I get 4 account ban for 10 years and one is for one weak why this is happened why you not fixed it cz??
  3. Hello brother why is v2 get ban 10 year van you fix that problems for us please thanks?
  4. Ya is work but when I get in side the game it give 10 year ban without kill anybody how is was happened that My 3 account has been ban for 10 year how?
  5. He side review the problems of 10 year ban what was going on iosgg now a day I have been 3 I’d when on ban 10 year fix it that problem this anti-ban or what kind of pubg was make by cz do something about this?
  6. MORE >> Any actions mentioned above, once detected by the system, will lead to an automatic punishment and account ban. And you can click the 【Ban Records】 button below to check the current status of your account and the exact reason why it was banned by the system. Ban Records Ban Records Ban Time Unban Time Ban Reason 2020-10-04 20:43:21 2030-10-02 20:43:21 Violation of User Agreement
  7. Don’t play his game I get ban 10 year he never fix this problem I just download the map after 10 days latter then I get 10 year ban guys don’t wast your money of the pice of sh!t iosgg rip f* (inappropriate word) of you don’t give good service to costumer??rip rip rip
  8. I buy vip for 3 months than I only use 3 days afte that I haven’t use is so what I just wast my money