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  1. Hay Day [IPA]

  2. @Cz1993when you update the Korean version bro the global one its very good and we need Korean to thanks for that
  3. Nooo. No aimboot and the slider can you change it because some time if you go to check some thing in ur game you can’t press the X because it’s in the middle of the slider thank you keep going forward.
  4. No there is a lot to say but I don’t have time to Peace of sh!t like you 🩸
  5. Bro you should make the pubg free with no code because we buy cods and we don’t use it just few time a month the reason because the game you guys updated it and after 4 days everyone get band 10 minutes and up and we keep waiting for v3 I think you need to hire someone to help you with the development. thank you