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  1. @Cz1993 The code was used with V2 and now does not work with V3. Can it be updated or do we have to wait another seven days to try V3
  2. كذاب اشر العالم كلها ١٠ سنوات وانت الي مضبوطه معك ولا بحساب برونز
  3. @Cz1993 I lost ten accounts, but they are not essential. What happens, my friend, this is an unusual thing from you. We used to get ten minutes ban, and it was normal now for 10 years ban, with a new account and the first value. And the bigger calamity no longer exists as before, and it does not respond to anyone.
  4. @Cz1993 What benefit if you cannot download the game? (O Install failed, no device available amount.)
  5. Let me see one post that only you solved a subscriber's problem. There is no, but your role is to shout and produce a comedy with disregar.
  6. I will speak honestly. If you are the administrator of this site, you will not find any subscribers for you. The reason is your beautiful way of dealing with others, you accept my respect I don't need a response or comment