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  1. Even cz is not working 😂😂😂😂 else we are still playing rather complaing same issue whole season
  2. Dont worry brother you will definitely get a reply from primo “cz is busy for making another update “ but point is which is easily detected in few days or hours may be and takes months to get update
  3. @Primo @Cz1993Remove antiban word from your link none of your version this season is antiban all having 10 year ban direct no 10 min warning
  4. They have their own rules no compensation even didn’t provide proper service no rules for them every rule is for us
  5. @Cz1993be a responsible person reply I think we are not paying for continues 10 year ban . Same issue take whole season for resolving issue . still at the same point no super install working no hack working
  6. Worked on fix everytime but they will definitely fix it one day when your subscription is over Which is valid for one year in super install
  7. whole season no antiban update always 10 year ban v1 ,v2, and now v3 also having 10 year ban i think cz its time to say goodbye @Cz1993
  8. I didn’t want to buy super install i already have but which is not working from last three month . Does it matter here since how long i Am here ???? And i am not telling you do that or that if you read carefully i am just requesting pls resolve issue early because we are spending season playing less and waiting more
  9. Stop playing mind game brother . Is there any risk of buying super install too which we have paid and unable to use it from approx 3 months does it also mentioned on your forum . And I know he works very hard And hacking is not easy but we also not plucked money from tree . Although its also writen on site while uploading antiban still getting ban we don’t have issue but we didn’t want solutions on next season . Its regular same issue so its better prepare yourself for such issue And resolve issue faster its just a request