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  1. Cz, please my DM to you my svip subscription cannot purchase any activation key, after trying many times I have tried svip discount coupon but website says it’s expired then i tried the 3 days VIP discount coupon, website says invalid.
  2. many of us facing 10 min bans olease work on improving anti ban on new update. many of us facing 10 min bans please work on improving antiban for new update asap 😂
  3. @Cz1993 if you can’t upload a safe hack, just tell us you need more time. don’t divert attention and ask if we want more features. WE DON’T WANT MORE FEATURES!
  4. @Cz1993 Get your basics correct and ban-safe dont waste time on adding new features, what’s the point? unless you are cracking others’ hack (cheto) for us to use
  5. my friends have gotten the 2 hours ban message saying “cracked app” it’s not the usual 10 or 30 minutes “poor network connection” please play with caution.
  6. Hack is detected. stop using your main accounts @Cz1993 please remove menu option, and keep it simple with manual DLG
  7. LISTEN HERE downloaded MANY times and it’s just a grey icon that says “CANNOT BE DOWNLOADED” @Cz1993 Check your signing process at sign.sh the downloaded files are not properly signed
  8. Yes i had EXACTLY the same issue. Super Install cannot work. Profile downloaded, cannot connect back to server. @cz1993 you got to fix this.
  9. @Cz1993 reset and restart at sign.sh for super install again. becasue the downloaded files, cannot be opened as they are not signed properly.
  10. The downloaded hack, becomes a grey icon, and cannot be launched / opened. This shows the signing process via Super Install, has interface issues. @cz1993 please reset the Super Install again. Guys if you share my issue, do reply and add to my reputation.
  11. Dear @cz1993 Summary of Issues on hand: 1. Both Direct Install links cannot download 2. After downloading, app cannot launch 3. Super Install cannot sign it’s not reinstated yet bro.