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  1. can someone help? I don't have super installation, how else can I download it?
  2. @Cz1993 Are you kidding me? Many of my friends use the service they receive from different places. I got cancer in a week. You are still selling new VIP services to people, I wonder what you offer these people. Lock the problem and fix this error until you do this. I have not seen anything like this. Our time, psychology and money are gone. I kept myself difficult not to write these. It's been a week. It's sad for us. Pity 🤐 people are trying to overcome problems like jokes. What did we pay for, brother?👎🏻 We are trying to fix the error.
  3. There is something strange about this, even now there are people getting new VIP service. Solve the problems first, I wonder what this will give people coming? @Cz1993
  4. I did not say such a thing. Currently, only direct download is not enabled, awaiting certificate.
  5. Can you remove the direct download links that don't work? It causes confusion by mistake.