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  1. Why should we buy Svip?

    do not upgrade svip, there is no instruction on how to get coupon for svip member
  2. Why should we buy Svip?

    where I can find svip coupon
  3. the subscription is for accessing the vip section of the forum. not for the game.
  4. We don’t need any extra function for v3. maybe just release v2.1, the work your way to your v3 while we enjoy v2.1
  5. hack not stable, instant scope and magic bullet, sometimes can not be activated.
  6. Could you share the code? magic bullet is not working at the moment
  7. the slider is disappeared any solution? I have tried restarted it many times already
  8. if you actived via super install you can not use the same code active direct install, vice versa