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Status Updates posted by Cz1993

  1. PUBG KR, TW and VNG versions will also be updated to v1.1.0 soon

  2. DZy1BgP.jpg


  3. All direct install links has been fixed.

  4. Working to fix all direct install links, will be ready in few hours.

  5. Currently, all direct installation links are working, and the super install will be fixed soon.

  6. All direct install links should be fixed now.

  7. Working to fix all direct install links.

  8. PUBG NEW ERA Global version v1.0 its almost ready for release test, now uploading the IPA.



  9. Working to fix all direct install links.

  10. Working to enhance the PUBG anti ban server.

  11. System working to fix all direct install links now,

    super install certificate will be also replaced when we got a new certificate.

  12. Some super install certificates revoked, we will replace it soon.

    and we are busy today all messages will be replied later.

  13. ❗ Super install grey icon issue for some users has been already fixed now. ❗

  14. With Super Install, some users still have the problem of gray icons. We are checking the problem.

  15. All revoked Super install certificate has been replaced.

  16. Direct install revoked detected

  17. Most revoked super install certificates has been already replaced.

  18. Some super install certificate revoked.

    We are waiting the new certificate for fix.

  19. Some super install certificate revoked.

    Working to replace with the new certificates.

  20. Super install issue for some users should be fixed now.

    added more new certificates.

  21. Got a new direct install certificate, and the system has begun to fix all direct install links.

  22. Everyone should not update the IOS version to 14, which may cause problems with the game and app installation.

    1. Primo


      Thanks for the warning!

  23. Direct install revoke detected.

  24. Working to replace super install certificates..

  25. For those who are currently unable to install the game, please read the following:

    You can generate the code and keep it until we solve the super install revoke problem.

    Even after your VIP subscription expires, your code can still be used.

    1. Cz1993


      Users who currently have iOS 13.3 or lower can use direct install to install the game.

      Another method is to use a jailbroken device.