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  1. The OG of app just updated again,need the hacked app to fix asap when logging in.
  2. That's what I been saying all this time, when will the app gonna be fixed?
  3. Well, looks like the app still crashed when logging in.
  4. What about fixing the crash when logging at the hacked app?
  5. The hacked app just updated but, it still crashed when logging in, this gonna take long to be fixed.
  6. Now the normal app just updated again this month, but the app will be version 9 real soon.
  7. This early July,Bleach app is gonna updated to version 9 soon,so the hacked app needed to wait a little longer.
  8. So is the hacked app working yet or not,waiting for reply.😫
  9. So no one going to comment on the hacked app is fixed yet?