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  1. Install failed, contact admin to check account status. this message show when signing !!!
  2. also global version we cant install , because our super install certificate is revoke !!!
  3. yes, same happened for me , the certificate is revoked !! we should wait until he replace it
  4. - Install failed, contact admin to check account status.i can’t download it , this message show !!
  5. our super install certification is revoked !! also old version can’t open it !! updated
  6. when i complete reinstall the game it became a gray i cone ? like revoked !!!
  7. The configuration profile not showing, my super install key still active but I don’t know where the problem?
  8. Too much crowding, we can’t install it right now! Also there is problem the configuration profile not showing in settings some time when I was trying?
  9. Also other version s not accept new activation code! It said your device not activated!?
  10. The code not working for global version and the other versions also not working ?! I generated the other versions in 26/4 but not working now?
  11. If i off aim assistance it’s ok or i have to reinstall the non aimbot version ?