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  1. I’ve installed tons of IPA files before and I can assure you this one is a problem, not just for me but for others. I have a dev account and can not install on that one either. Please don’t speak on situations you don’t understand. It worked for you but not for a bunch of other people.
  2. You use antenna and headset aoe and are telling others not to abuse? Lol good one.
  3. Not that complicated really. People here live in all different countries. It all depends on routing and how you must connect to the server. Just because you connect to proxy server doesn’t mean you don’t have to route through your ISP. You may just be lucky that you only bounce a few routes before connecting to proxy where others bounce a bunch of different routes causing connection to be slow. proxy method won’t work for a lot of users and that’s just the way it is. Other forums have tried this method and it failed.