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  1. Features: - unlimited passes - unlimited gems - non jailbreak Jailbreak or Non-Jailbreak: Thanks! life saver! I’ve faith on you . Your the best
  2. Episode : Choose your story

    Episode - Choose Your Story by Episode Interactive https://itunes.apple.com/my/app/episode-choose-your-story/id656971078?mt=8
  3. Request Episode Choose your story gems and energy! Our life saver, i’ll be waiting! https://iOSGG.com/app Features: - unlimited gems - unlimited energy - Jailbreak or Non-Jailbreak: Thanks!
  4. True. I can't find any tutorial out there and u are my life saver <3 thank you so much for the hard work <3
  5. Features: Unlimited Cash - Unlimited K Gems - Unlimited Energy - Max Level - Unlimited Professional Points - Unlimited Romantic Points Jailbreak or Non-Jailbreak: Thanks!
  6. i am in the tutorial it glitches at the career barista coffee part. Pls notice me :(
  7. I need to reactived again my acct bc before is keep crashing. Thanks ❤️
  8. U need to reactive your id. Comment then wait for 5 mins then u can log in ??
  9. It works now ❤️ But they decreased our coins whenever we used for energy/skip waiting. Glad if you can fix it. Plus I’ve been find chopper part like tank and fork almost everyday in bunker and red zone, but still nothing. So i giving up i just gonna buy it using real money but why it dont allow me? It keep showing like connecting.. pls fix it thanks ?