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  1. no bro, i’m using wifi and doing it from setting! whenever i opened the game that beautiful red message keep on popping up “Connection unstable,restart the game” can’t login at all!
  2. hmm..some people’s complaining that they got banned..banned! for me i couldn’t even get in to lobby, connection unstable/restart the game keep on popping up! i don’t even have a chance to get BAN! this proxy/port hack version is terrible! @Cz1993it’s time for you to release Jailbreak version hack and also ipa version
  3. until pressing start hack is fine but my issue is after setting up wifi proxy and port i can't login to my account which is link with Twitter/Facebook, even Guest account i couldn't login, it's just keep loading! cuz of this issue i couldn't able to play, just stuck here in ACE
  4. ok thanks, i'll try proxy chain and oriole with wifi. i've added manually from setting ip and port which is why i can't login to the lobby.
  5. i'm using only wifi bro, i don't use mobile data/oriole/proxy chain. can i still use proxy chain with wifi?
  6. in my case, after following all the anti ban and wifi proxy steps i couldn't able to login to the game with my account (twitter/facebook/gamecenter/guess), it's just keep on loading forever. can't get in to the lobby! if anyone know the solutions for this issue help me please!
  7. cuz of wifi/data proxy, i faced the same issue. here is the tips: first open the game and login with ur account via Twitter/fb/gamecenter once u logged in just closed the game immediately!(i got banned for 4 days cuz i didn't close the game immediately) or else u will get ban! and now follow all the anti ban vpn steps and u will be able to play... hope this help.
  8. until some i**** (inappropriate word)s abused the hack and we all are on 🔥 as usual!
  9. same here, in my case first i downloaded the game then followed all the anti ban vpn steps but once I'm about to login to the game with my account via Twitter it's keep on loading forever! i turned off wifi proxy and anti ban vpn then once i logged in got ban 1 day..
  10. can someone explain to me this step6 please? what does it means by Tap on Verify ? cuz once you opened the game we have to put iOsGG.com then press Activate!