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  1. Anti revoke enable? Please tell me how ? I have the same device jail broken.
  2. Let’s pray to pubg god that Apple didn’t revoke certificate again so that we’ll be able to play 0:12:0 version today!
  3. GameGem hack codes for PUBG 0.12++

    Can someone please help me how to use this game gem, thanks in advance
  4. GameGem hack codes for PUBG 0.12++

    New to this game gem, will try
  5. .. for those who have jail broken devices, I found 0.12.0 version SLIDER HACK work for May be 3-4 hours 😂😂
  6. I hope that our Superman is busy working for us at the moment! Let’s be patient and sing a song “I’m On My Way” for the mean time
  7. The codes is already included in the dlg button, once you about to enter codes in the game you will see in the lower (middle) part.
  8. agree, v5 is safe, Played with new account from BrownV to till SilverIV with codes Antenna and AOE nothing happen, it’s safe guys!
  9. there is no ban for codes dude, I’ve been playing with antenna and AOE for more than two hours!