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  1. Ban 10 minutes without using any codes. Diamond tier Played 10 matches in bronze, no ban.
  2. Kr jp version you can choose server like original pubg and play with your friends but you should open new account
  3. Play one game and close the game immediately after match finishes and start the game again
  4. Antiban is not working properly (at least for me) I don’t know the future of pubgm hacks.
  5. In 0.13 version tencent has enhanced their anti-cheat system against third party apps, emulators, gameguardian say bye to pubg mobile hacks Everyone now will play fairly, the reason why I’m using hacks was because of Arabs in Europe server jumping like a spidermans lol.
  6. U donkeys, with direct install u will get 2 month ban. why you don’t understand it
  7. It’s because Apple WWDC 2019 like when new iphone releases, store will go to the maintenance the same happening right now for developers (or signing ipa’s)