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  1. What’s going on? 4 separate @Cz1993forums, SVIP, VIP, Korea/Japan, Vietnam, are you reading any of those messages? I believe there could have been more than 100 messages from SVIP and VIP members directing messages to you at @Cz1993telling you that all versions in these 4 forums have been detected. Some even asked that you stop releasing the codes so that those that were not banned do not get banned. I believe several hundred accounts, main and temporary ones, have already been banned. And I believe bans happen anywhere from a few seconds and resulting in minimum 10 min to 10 year bans. But you do nothing. No explanation. No timeframe provided to ease the mood of these members who have donated hard earned cash, some paying for both SVIP and VIP memberships, some that just signed up a day ago. No stopping of the downloads. And more are continuing to thank you so they can download these detected versions. Shouldn’t you be doing something about this? Sure, you have a life outside of iOsGG, but being paid from iOsGG requires a certain responsibility to everyone of them. If you are facing issues, at least let them know. No one expects you to be the Super hacker, but everyone can expect you to provide information to them, if there was going to be a delay, and that the downloads must be stopped. If there was only a few messages of players getting banned, perhaps they f*cked up when they played, being Rambo, and received complaints. But more than a hundred from 4 different forums surely cannot be a coincidence. How much more fact do you require before something is done? This is your business, how you run it is entirely up to you, but I am a businessman myself and I can tell you this method of being silent without any information or action is wrong. Please do not take this the wrong way, think about what I’m saying here. Surely you will agree with what I am saying. I am just voicing for the members, everyone, SVIP and VIP.