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  1. Hack detected stop play u will get 10 min ban then 2 hours ban then 10 years ban
  2. Thanks lets play dragonball untill new version of pubg release
  3. Hello buddy do you understand what ipa mean? god damn tell @Cz1993 we don't want The damn CERT , IPA is enough for us
  4. طيب اصلا فيه حل وهو ينزل رابط ipa يعني بلا مشكلة شهادة ولا بطيخ هذارلو كان صادق اصلا
  5. Do it @Cz1993 will be happy for that @Cz1993 said : oh some body joined to svip thats amazing , my plan working good Vip members: my vip will finish soon and we didnt play one game by iosgg hack me: god damn now what we should do : 1- buy android phone so you can choose what hack you want 2- see another person sell iphone hack and you will find them on Twitter 3- play fair noops
  6. Helllllooooo @cz1993 if you want money to release the new V12 put your paypal account but dont make the poor people here to subscribe for nothing God damn