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  1. Ban 10 min 3 times,now 3 hours..this version is not safe even u follow all step by step..better check cz..
  2. i wonder why u not remove that dlg button if u know most code will detected ur hack and do it again n again..just remove dude..for those who wanna play like a god chicken head in pubg with hyper cheat go buy android with that annoying script lol and dont abuse our hack..
  3. Mine 10min ban only happen with connected acc..i push my guest acc bronze to crown with magic athenna nothing happen at all..my main acc fb got ban 10 min more than 20 times i think..now im just play guest acc only no ban at all..fb acc just silver tier so its not the rank above issue mybe..hope cz fix this problem..
  4. After install ipa and run pubg..do we still need install that appeven vpn to running? ?