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  1. @Cz1993PUBG Global V3 is erased and V4 is installed, so a new activation code is required. Please give me the code Please.
  2. The unnatural way of killing using magic seems to be more likely to become a BAN Only squad is detected so far
  3. I took 3 hours to download. It says that the signing is prohibited from 31 minutes to: 59 minutes and the download is fast, but the download is still slow and it took 3 hours to complete the installation. If the meter goes even a little, it may be important to wait without giving up.
  4. I tried all the solos with and without magic, but it was fine. There was a 10-minute ban once when I was a squad. Next time, I will try various things on the squad.
  5. You still need to try and find out. A friend who was playing the regular version was banned for 10 minutes. There was a report on Twitter. Even the official version may be a BAN, so it may be difficult to avoid it completely.
  6. I noticed that when the BAN is detected, it's not just squads, is it? Or I think it's more likely to happen when you do a slaughtered killing with magic. The report and BAN may be linked quickly.
  7. KRJP Solo ACE Sanok 14 kill magic and antenna without BAN No problem 2device method 1
  8. 10 minutes BAN9 kill 15 minutes play using antenna and magic on KRJP Squad. Next was KRJP solo 18 kill antenna use no BAN 22 minutes. Mostly against the player. Report whether Magic is detected for 10 minutes after becoming BAN?
  9. What is being detected? magic? antenna? All? Play with a sub-account without a menu.