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  1. Has been updated to 1.16 already, please update with millions of [email protected]
  2. [ IGG ] PUBG codes [ Flying ] 0.11.0

    Somehow I feel super high risk of ban, but let’s try
  3. So glad to see everyone is contributing for this, providing banned status could really help other players. I ve been playing all day ytd nite and safe, I think we should wait for an update for season 6 tmr, this major update ll make current version unsafe too. So let’s wait 1993 for new updates
  4. Hv been playing many matches ytd, banned once for 10mins and no more banned. I think it is still pretty safe right now.
  5. Does anybody’s encounter a problem that it’s getting harder to make headshots with the hack? i got Red crosshair shots but shows only kill not headshot, many times though.
  6. Should u join SVIP ?

    Hi Everyone, I saw a topic regarding to the SVIP subscription, but it doesn’t really help me to decide whether should join SVIP or stay with normal VIP. juz wondering wt benefits should SVIP offer and any exclusive contents? I am sure other VIP user has the same question and please help us here if any SVIP user could answer. thanks
  7. How to cover ur account from getting banned in pubg

    Let’s see if it works
  8. Why should we buy Svip?

    Thanks, I am looking for svip too
  9. Authentication error too plz help to fix it @Cz1993