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  1. I got authentication error all the time, no matter how the version has been updated, that’s useless to play withou the ability to log into the game, please fix this issue Cz1993
  2. Guys I think we shouldn’t push Cz1993 too hard. I would rather he can test until this version is save enough to use, there is nth helpful if we hv an update but got banned in few games. By using the previous hack versions, I think Cz1993 was already quite responsible to this site. At least he is working on it instead of running away...
  3. Anybody’s knows the clan TNR? their hack is crazily strong, I meant super fxxxkin strong. I ve teamup wif those guys today and it was like......... he kept shooting the wall and made kills and I ran 25 mins with 0 kill and 0 damage. he killed like 30+ per game on average.
  4. Cz1993, I got authentication error, unable to log in.
  5. Has been updated to 1.16 already, please update with millions of thanks.@Cz1993
  6. [ IGG ] PUBG codes [ Flying ] 0.11.0

    Somehow I feel super high risk of ban, but let’s try