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  1. Korean ver is the only one working good so far, played since yesterday and today with no grass code still no ban. Still waiting on global ver though
  2. ok i will try that now, but why is asia ping so high for me 600ms+ before only 200-280ms.. caused me to play NA.
  3. The server 1 has unstable connection, my ping is 600ms for Asia while before it was only 250-280ms. Ping for na before only 20ms now 40ms
  4. That’s weird, i tried searching oriole in app store on ipad and iphone i still see it. Maybe it is because of your country
  5. 1. I dont have twitter app installed 2. I press login by twitter and i filled out my user and pass it asks me for code from my phone (i slide down and check notifications) then enter it and it logged me in the game right away. Then i just play the game normally I don’t see any ban like ppl here mentioning at all i play asia and na server rank ace