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  1. No my kd is 4.02?? My win ratio isnt too high either. I am just saying there might be some people that are abusing it but it’s not everyone. You cannot just say “everyone who’s banned today is playing like sh!t” that doesn’t make sense
  2. Um excuse me no need to be rude like that to other ppl i play on conquer no ban until today while just logging on, even try reinstall and play on a new guest acc still banned in lobby without playing a single match.
  3. When i open up the game, it says data change at the login page. When i login in it’s two months ban
  4. Pubg Mobile Reduce the risk of banning!

  5. Be patience guys, rushing won’t help. Let Cz takes his time to find a better solution
  6. No ban!(DLG) PUBG MOBİLE