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  1. Some people are just impatient and just say stuff just to pressure you lol no worries take your time. I know it's not your fault that we can't play hack, it's apple that's the issue. I and many others are willing to wait, I know uploading the ipa doesn't help at all since it will be detected by Tencent. Just let some people complain until they get tired they will stop. Cheers.
  2. You are better off talking to him. I only got ban 2months on my second acc during v2 and i asked him. He already unban my 2months acc for $10. But i know he also does unban 10yr but there are two types of unban the 24h that reset rank or wait 5-7 days rank stay the same. You probably need to use google translate bc he doesn’t understand English tho.
  3. Yes i do, it actually works but the guy only do business with ppl that know his language due to not understanding english (edit: his language is Viet)
  4. People will complain no matter what CZ choose. If he drops ipa file and it get detected then people gonna complain even more when they know they have to wait weeks or a month to for CZ to find a way to make undetected hack again. It’s better off waiting for him to find a solution to solve the certificate problem than rushing him to upload the ipa file. Rather be safe than rushing him, bc I don’t wanna waste another $10 unbanning my second pubg acc
  5. The vip membership/this site isn’t only about pubg bro there’s other games too, and if you expect a hack to be perfect with no interruptions then this isn’t the place. It’s not the developer fault that you get ban or there’s certificate problems.. you get banned bc you chose to use hack and it’s not like anyone can tell the future when the hack is going to be detected or when apple revoke the certificate. You think CZ is a god or something? He is just also a human. He tries his best to come up with a good solution for everything, and it takes time it’s not easy like refilling a cup of water. It’s not like he asks you to renew your membership it’s your own choice, this site has always been like this nobody get 30days full of play without some interruptions of issue popping up. Continue or not it’s your own choice no need to threat/complaining to CZ that you aren’t renewing
  6. You should use no recoil ver w grass code that hide trees and grass from a far but when you use scope u can see it or when you’re near it appears. I don’t see any pms ..
  7. If you want it you can pm me, im not gonna share it here bc who knows if tencent reading
  8. 30 games on another acc rank diamond 3 no ban at all no recoil w grass code
  9. i solved the issue by deleting the app and install it again with ifunbox it works