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  1. @Cz1993 this version has the option without grass! playing arcade was almost next to an adversary and I turned and I killed, at the same time I was banished. they are checking recoil and checking grass, tree what to pass without actually seeing the ban player. grass and recoil 1kill no report ban 2hours
  2. ban happens when theft verifies that there is no retreat in the shot, when the robbery verifies that there is no retreat in the shot I am banished. I tested it in 5 games. makes a version with dlg with indentation will not be banned. you can test it @Cz1993 test it
  3. Shut your mouth, sucker. see my previous comments, I'm not a trio like you, my accounts are all fakes. my main account is intact. I always supported and I'm not charging CZ, just in the afternoon I said that I was not being banned. Wash your mouth to talk to me. b**** (inappropriate word) moth.erfu.cker
  4. @Cz1993 now I believe. without using code only lobby banned 10 years. new account after reinstall also 2 months I'm trying to reinstall again