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  1. We downloaded anti-Revokes. Let us download the cheat please, waited until this hour :) @Cz1993
  2. Alright. But do you think about a solution for the lost days?
  3. It's been almost 1 Week. I know what you're doing is hard, but our membership ends without using it properly. A week of my monthly membership has already passed before I play with your software. I hope you find a solution as soon as possible. You know, a lot of people are waiting to hear from you. You need to give us an estimate of time by telling everything clearly. You said its gonna be ready today, but the day is over and there's nothing. People are paying for the service, and I'm not sure they can hear the necessary explanations. I have been a member of the services for 2 months, I was very happy in my first month, but I am disappointed this month. I hope the problem is gonna be solved as soon as possible. Good luck!
  4. [DLG] PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 Cheat codes

  5. Can you check the messages please

  6. Can you send me pubg code, please?