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  1. Boss we have waited very long for your response please let us know use the hack release the ipa we can install it. You were releasing it until v5 of 0.11.5 dont know what’s the reason you’re not able to release that
  2. And for Jailbreak phones as well we have a solution, one tweak from kiimaorepo could stall apple to revoke certificates. Once we install the hack and do the anti revoke stuff for Non Jailbroken and Jailbroken I think so it should be good.
  3. can some one help me? My pubg mobile hack keeps on crashing after clicking start hack
  4. I played more than 35 matches from yesterday with Grass code only no ban play sensible brothers Dont spray over than 150m like a maniac User combo of DMR with scope and AR with red dot or holo(you have recoil why hurry) which makes it difficult to spot as hack
  5. Can we safely use this hack on a jb device? is this safe on jb device