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  1. 2k crashes when come to tap a screen to continue
  2. This needs to Be update for and fixed. Please - No Skill Cooldown (Story/Offline Mode) - No Character Swap Cooldown (Story/Offline Mode) - Unlimited Soul Bomb (Story/Offline Mode) DONT work - Unlimited Soul Bomb (Co-Op/Online Mode) DONT work please fix this @cz1993 thank you.
  3. This needs to be updated . And add some more hack on there :) @cz1993
  4. Yeah I know that well atleast the guy who sorts these kind of things can sort it out :)
  5. Sorry I accidentally copied wrong thing. – Memory Hack – Anti Ban – Coin Increase Instead of decrease (Reset Points/Buy in the store) THIS DONT WORK. When you try to buy something it’s saying it’s unavailable. – Points Increase Instead of decrease DONT WORK – Unlimited Energy DONT WORK – No Craft Level Required SOME OF THAT DONF WORK – Building House Everywhere! – Destroy other House! – All Switch always Enabled! – FREE CRAFT ! DONT WORK – Freeze All Inbox Item! Clone Every item! – Freeze All Crates – Earn to max Stock – Duplicate Item – Item Max Stock 200+ – Freeze all consumable – Unlock all blueprints – Max Player Level DONT WORK – No Armor Durability DONT WORK – No Weapon Durability DONT WORK – Free Building House – Free Upgrading House (has some bug sometimes) DONT WORK – Easy Finalize (Just earn 1 pz for every parts, like chopper atv helicopter..) -- New Features -- - Bow Super High Damage *(One Hit Kill) DONT WORK - Bow Fast Reload DONT WORK